Word work got a little competitive as third graders practiced consonant blends by playing a game of good, old-fashioned Quizmo. Quizmo is played like Bingo — five blends horizontally, vertically or diagonally — wins.


Learning About the Past

What is history? How do we know what happened in the past? Third graders practiced thinking like historians or history detectives. Each pair was given an artifact to study for clues about the past. We learned that people lived very differently in the past and that stories hide in everyday items.

Honoring Our Veterans

Last Monday Richmond School honored the men and women of our community who have served or are serving in our Armed Forces. Tammy made a delicious ham dinner for us and our veterans, and each class did something special to thank our soldiers for their service. The third grade made a welcome sign surrounded by flags.

Senior Friends and Scrabble

Last week our 8th grade buddies taught us how to play Scrabble, which came in handy because we played Scrabble again with our senior friends on Monday. Third graders used their new Scrabble skills — as well as their knowledge of words — to try to outsmart their opposing third grader/senior friend team. Everyone had a great time!

Guerilla Gardening 101

Although it was a bit chilly, we spent our final gardening class outside planting garlic bulbs in the garden and then…guerilla gardening! Guerilla gardening involves finding public spaces that need a bit of sprucing up or color. We searched around the side and front of our school building looking for places that looked a bit lonely and forlorn. Bridgette Stone, our garden educator, taught students how to dig holes the appropriate depths for the bulbs, which end of the bulb to plant upwards, and how to cover it all up.  Hopefully next April and May we’ll find daffodils and crocuses popping up around our schoolyard!




This year Room 107 is filled with 19 amazing third graders. Each is unique and special in his or her own way. I’m so excited to watch them learn and grow this year. I hope you enjoy watching our progress!